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Consignment Agreement and Disclosure

I hereby enter into an agreement with Furniture Man, LLC DBA The Designers Consignment and agree to the following terms set forth below.

   ►   I am aware that I will receive 50% of the selling price for each item sold.  Selling price will not include any fees or repair costs associated with the sale of an item.  Fees include: Any auction fees, PayPal fees, eBay fees, transaction and/or processing fees.  Repair costs include: Any necessary repair on an item to make it more functional, improve its structural integrity or aesthetic appeal and to increase its resale value.  Any fees or repair costs are taken off the top before the final selling price is split and paid.  All fees or repairs are expected to improve the selling price.  They will only be done if necessary and at the discretion of The Designers Consignment.

   ►   I understand that accounts are paid by check and sent by mail.  All checks include an invoice of items sold during the payout period.  The payout period is the length of each month and starts over on the first day of a new month.  Checks are subject to being sent once all payments have cleared and items sold have exceeded the 14 day return policy.  

   ►   I understand that selling price is the sole discretion of The Designers Consignment and items may be marked down at any time.  Items may not be taken back for one year following the date an item was inventoried.  At the discretion of The Designers Consignment, any item that is broken beyond repair or determined to have no intrinsic or aesthetic resale value will be donated or returned.

   ►   I agree to not hold Furniture Man, LLC, DBA, The Designers Consignment or any person employed within, including ownership, liable for any damage or loss.   Damage includes any item that is broken while in the showroom or en route to a final destination via shipping.  Loss includes theft, flood, fire, any natural disaster or outside factor that may contribute to an items loss of perceived value.  While Furniture Man LLC is fully insured and insures all outgoing packages, we are all still subject to 3rd party terms and conditions.  I understand The Designers Consignment is not liable for any damage caused in shipping or claims process resulting from 3rd party negligence. 

   ►   I agree and promise that all items placed for consignment are not stolen or acquired illegally and represent that, to the best of my knowledge, items are not misrepresented as forgeries or fakes.  I understand that if it is determined that an item is stolen, represented as forgery or fake, it will be confiscated and all information will be turned over to the proper authorities.  

   ►   The Designers Consignment makes every effort to accurately price, display and sell all items and products in their showroom and online marketplaces.  The Designers Consignment cannot guarantee sale of items, however they will make every reasonable attempt to sell your items at a fair market value. 

By signing this contract I agree to all the terms and conditions set above. 

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