Meissen Blanc de Chine Crazy Wisdom Porcelain Figure Alexander Struck Jester Owl
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"Till Eulenspiegel" by Alexander Struck for Meissen. Blanc de Chine,1941 Porcelain Figure.
"The jester and bitter foe of the rich and powerful, helper of the poor and oppressed. He was not only a clown but a well read and wise man, which the sculptor Alexander Struck (1902-1990) wanted to illustrate with the pile of books on which Eulenspiegel is sitting. The owl, sitting on his shoulder, symbolizes justice and wisdom. This figure came into being during the second world war when prominent Meissen artists, one of whom was the artist A. Struck who worked for the Meissen manufacturers for more than 56 years, escaped into the world of fairy tales and legend to avoid commissions to produce art sympathetic to national socialism." Galery Schloss Weyer
  Very Good
7.5" x 4.25" x 9.5"
(L x W x H)


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