Dimensions:14" x 15" (d x h) chain - 10" medallion - 5.5"
Condition:gently used, no chips to the glass see pictures for best description
Dimensions:15" x 9" (d x h)
Condition:gently used - large chip in one shade  
Dimensions:26" x 23" (d x h) chain length - 24"
Condition:good vintage condition.  some of the candlesticks may need to be adjusted to align perfectly.  this can be done by bending into place. see pictures for best description
Dimensions:18" x 12" (d x h)
Condition:gently used - missing 2 pieces of metal trim
Dimensions:30" x 30" x 40" (l x w x h) 8 lights 50" chain
Condition:very good  see pictures for best description
Dimensions:22" x 15" (width x height)   chain is 9+ feet
Condition:age related wear.  there are a few light scuffs on the veneer, and a few of the screws holding the globes in are missing.  the chain has also been repaired in a spot which can be seen with electrical tape around it (green).  could easily be fixed by an el
Dimensions:  24" x 24" (height x diameter) 38" chain 24" x 24" (height x diameter) 38" chain
Condition:very good condition some age and use related wear please see photos and feel free to ask questions
Dimensions:48" x 30" x 2" the candles make the width up to 8"
Condition:wear and scratches from use and age, very normal
Dimensions:15" x 26" (height x diameter)
Condition:there are some minor chips and scuffs to the glass.  they do not however affect the aesthetic or structural appeal.  
Dimensions:28" x 17"
Condition:age and use related wear. there are some small tears or punctures on the inside of the shade however none on the outside. otherwise good. see pictures, and feel free to ask questions